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We deliver powerful cloud software for a multitude of industries, with a distinct focus on engineering solutions. No matter how complex the process, WorkflowFactory™ is ready to facilitate solutions.


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We have built a better paradigm for complex solutions delivery. That means putting clients’ needs first – every time.

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Our solutions increase overall quality, boost productivity, streamline operations, and help cut costs. By applying digital automation, we can permanently optimize how you do business.


Easily connect and integrate software into virtually any existing system.


An intelligent document controller for role and context-based document management.


Enjoy access to dashboards, reports, statistics, KPIs, analytics, and more


Our engineering-oriented ERP, Toolbox, and Workflow solution.


Our engineering-oriented ERP, Toolbox, and Workflow solution.


Plan and manage your alerts and notifications, so you stay on top of every facet of your business.


Imagine your team collaborating in a workflow context with sequenced, synthesized, timely information.

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